Hi, I'm Angie.

I support high-achieving, soul-guided, purpose-driven, intuitive female entrepreneurs.

Who desire more wholeness, fulfillment, ease and flow, in their lives.

I guide my students on a self-healing spiritual journey, from the inside out.

Supercharging their:

  • Self-love and self-care.
  • Connection to their intuition.
  • Feelings of inner peace, happiness, clarity, confidence, and freedom.

While creating a life fueled by positivity, passion and purpose.

By releasing the physical, mental and emotional obstacles currently holding them back.

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How I arrived here...

Insatiably curious since I was 15 years old (that's when I picked up my first self-help books), about why people do what they do, self-improvement, where and how to find genuine happiness, true inner-peace, and how to live a meaningful life.

Later on, being the first person in my family to attend a 4-year college, and being a lifetime lover of learning, it was a natural choice when I earned degrees in psychology and criminal justice.

After graduating from college with honors, realizing I needed to give my (overachieving and perfectionist) self a break, is when I stumbled upon what became a new passion for traveling and backpacking around the world!

The thought of backpacking stuck in my head, after overhearing a couple of college students discussing their intriguing summer plans. And so I thought, ohhh I want to do that!! And I most definitely did...

I dove into my solo travel adventures, volunteering in Costa Rica for 6 weeks, teaching elementary school kids English. And as I documented my experiences in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Thailand, Laos, Greece and Egypt, in my early 20s...

I expanded my mind.

I connected with my soul.

I stretched myself.

I grew through the challenges

and discomforts I faced,

in new places, far from home, and usually on my own. Which (and surprising to many), traveling solo was definitely my preference, as I've always enjoyed my own company and solitude, as a partial introvert (and a partial extrovert ;). Plus, it's the best way to follow your flow, and allow yourself to become fully immersed in the experience, inviting in so much more personal expansion and growth...

And, I was not going to wait for anyone else to get up the interest, the courage, and save up the funds to join me. I seized the moment before "life got too busy," as they say...

I saw how simple people lived,

and how genuinely happy they were.

A stark contrast to what I saw growing up back home in the US, where some people seemed to have so much "more" to be "happy" about, and yet they also seemed to struggle to find fulfillment in their lives.

I appreciated intimately learning about new and different ways of life, from diverse cultures in unique places.

Along the way, I also deepened my love for photography, capturing the fleeting moments and stories I could make last forever, and continue to share. Taking photos became an ingrained part of how I explored and took life in...

Travel completely changed me, who I thought I was, who I believed I could become, what I thought I was capable of, and my perspectives on life and on the world.

I would never be the same again.

Back home, I was faced with adulting, and sorting out what to do with the next chapter of my life.

We were also in the midst of the last US recession, a time with much uncertainty and no guarantees (even with graduate degrees).

So instead of pursuing a Masters (2 years), then a PsyD (4-6 years), or a PhD (up to 7 years), in psychology - a field I began to suspect might burn me out emotionally in the long run (after volunteering as a sexual assault counselor in college), and with no other way to really find out, other than by dishing out the multiple 6 figures for tuition, and potentially the next 9 years of my life, so...

I decided to take my knowledge, my passions, and my future into my own hands, diving headfirst into an entrepreneurial path, becoming a small business owner!

Angie Capri Photography, Studio Grand Opening | Photo Credit: Jessi Rae Koski

Angie Capri Photography, 1 Year Anniversary Party | Photo Credit: Kayla F Photography

The journey of building my first business as a photographer, would span the next 10 years of my life.

And while business-wise, I had no idea what I was getting myself into (like, seriously, no freakin' idea), I continued pushing myself through the challenges, and grew enormously along the way...

It started off as "iamsoulfocus," aiming to inspire with travel photography and abstract art shows.

Next, it morphed into "Sexy in Her Skin," focusing on women, boudoir, and feeling beautiful from the inside out.

And finally, it transformed into "Angie Capri Photography," where I focused on boudoir, lifestyle, headshot, personal branding, and wedding photography.

Angie Capri Photography, 2nd Anniversary Party | Photo Credit: Sweetness and Light Photography

Angie Capri Photography, 2nd Anniversary Party | Photo Credit: Sweetness and Light Photography

Along the way, my psych background, but especially my natural intuitive abilities, helped me set people at ease in front of my camera, capture their inner radiance, and grow their confidence.

I provided an enjoyable photography experience, always filled with excitement and enthusiasm! Proudly (and adamantly), avoiding fake smiles and cheesy photos along the way, (big no-no's in my book).

With a warm and inviting presence, I guided my clients to feel beautiful and natural, and to have fun with the process, and in life!

I helped make taking photos feel less like a miserable chore, and more like a great adventure!

...Then a series of ah-ha moments and deep inner knowings informed me, that I not only wanted to, but I needed to, take my clients on a deeper healing journey within...


It was what was necessary, to assist them in a more profound, transformational, and life-changing way.

I wasn't quite sure what that meant at the time. But the life events that followed, sparked some of my deepest, and most challenging, personal and transformational journeys yet,


and showed me the way...


It has all beautifully and seemingly magically, added up to incorporating all that I am - my life experiences, my interests, knowledge, strengths and challenges - leading to, and preparing me for what's next.

A 20-year search for solutions to personal challenges has brought me to:

Building a positive body image.

A nearly unshakable self-confidence.

Identifying and valuing my needs.

A healthy self-image.

Greater self-esteem.

Developing new skills to better manage chronic fatigue, low energy, and hypothyroidism.

Practicing self-love and self-care.

Unwavering self-respect.

Building more self-awareness.

Enjoying more inner peace.

Increased ease and flow throughout my life.

Discovering how to handle stress, anxiety, depression, and my emotions, in healthy, natural, simple ways.

Learning how to trust myself.

A rekindled spiritual connection.

Gaining more freedom, clarity, and joy.

Discovering more fulfillment, passion, and purpose.

And all of this,

can be possible,

for you, too...

After 2+ focused years,

in research and development, and more than 1 year into our global pandemic and global recession...

I introduce and welcome you to join along in my latest pursuit...

I've brought all of myself into all that I do.

And now, I'm sharing what I've learned, assisting and uplifting others facing similar challenges as I have as a:

Holistic & Spiritual Life Coach.


I support high-achieving, soul-guided, purpose-driven, intuitive female entrepreneurs.

Who desire more wholeness, fulfillment, ease and flow, in their lives.

I guide my students on a self-healing spiritual journey, from the inside out.

Supercharging their:

  • Self-love and self-care.
  • Connection to their intuition.
  • Feelings of inner peace, happiness, clarity, confidence, and freedom.

While creating a life fueled by positivity, passion and purpose.

By releasing the physical, mental and emotional obstacles currently holding them back.

Along the way, I’ve become certified in and pull my new teachings from a combination of the following:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Life Coaching, The Law of Attraction (LOA).

How to get started...

Join Our 5-Day Challenge!

Learn simple and effective strategies to create calm and more inner peace...



I am beyond thrilled,

to launch my new online group coaching program, with plans of assisting and uplifting 1000's of students worldwide, with passion and a newfound and expanded purpose!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.

I'm excited for our journey ahead, together.

XO, Angie