Transformative Self-Care for College Students


Gifting college students the tools & strategies to reduce overwhelm & prevent burnout - so they can excel in their studies, future careers... and IN LIFE!

Startling Things Happening to College Students

Nationally surveyed students reported the following factors affecting their academic performance:

  • Stress 34.2%
  • Anxiety 27.8%
  • Sleep difficulties 22.4%
  • Depression 20.2%

Many studies have confirmed higher rates of mental health problems among university students, compared to the general population of the same age.

With female students reporting severe symptoms of mental health problems twice as frequently as male students.


75% of all lifetime mental illnesses beginning by age 24.

It's clear that prioritizing self-care in college is a primary and significant way we can make a difference for these students!

Sources: National Library of Medicine, The American College Health Association,
The Healthy Minds Network and National Alliance on Mental Illness.

What Students are Saying...

"Angie always finds a way to make the process fun and enjoyable.”
"She made what could easily be an uncomfortable or vulnerable situation a very easy and comfortable one.
Her enthusiasm is contagious which also assisted in easing any nerves I had.”
"The whole group felt relaxed and free to just be themselves!”

NEW FOR 2022

Undergraduate Self-Care Workshops

These fun, interactive & engaging live workshops are designed to support hardworking, high-achieving students, by reducing overwhelm & preventing burnout.

In just 1 hour, they'll discover extremely simple tools & strategies to rapidly enhance focus, study retention & emotional well-being.

Students will leave feeling relieved, refreshed & re-energized to excel in college & their future careers. 

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Hi, I'm Angie.

As a hardworking high-achiever, I know how college students are feeling because I was there at one time, and I struggled with my own self-care.

But I've learned there's another way to work hard and take care of myself - at the same time!

This is why I'm passionate about helping those who have followed in my footsteps, and showing them an easier path.

I know the skills we teach are invaluable for those entering a helping industry that can become stressful and overwhelming, with high levels of burnout, especially for women.

I help young women see, the best way they can help others,

is by actually starting with themselves first! 

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